Helsinki Fashion Week

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"Helsinki Fashion Week was a unique experience that brought so many different people together who care about the sustainability of fashion and lifestyle. A big thank you to Evelyn Mora (HFW Founder) for having me and proving that your vision will come to life if you work hard at it. She was an inspiration. Hats off to the HFW team!"

-Scarlett Carruthers, July 2018.

Our fourth year BA (Hons) Fashion student, Scarlett Carruthers, has just got back from Helsinki Fashion Week, where she’s been working over the summer. Scarlett is full of enthusiasm for the event which is the only sustainable fashion week, in the world, and has shared her top ten highlights with us here.



Scarlett’s Top Ten…

  1. Witnessing an old oil tank transform into an amazing, interesting fashion venue, full of life.

2. Spending full days in the eco village, learning about the new tech that prevents water waste such as the ‘Loop Shower’ which filters the used shower water so it can be reused.


3. The Aubergin collection was fun and full of colour and original patterns and brightened up the one rainy day.


4. Meeting Carl Jan Cruz (designer) and Ling (model) who were an amazing inspiration as well as being very genuine and kind.


5. Working close to Hoh Pabissi and witnessing their theatrical designs and amazing personalities. They have asked Scarlett to work on a project in London with them – exciting times for Scarlett.


6. Working closely with Maria Villemson, stylist, designer and all-round amazing person, Scarlett made a great connection with her and will work together in the future. 

Photo credit: @henrymarsh15, Scarlett pictured left.

7. Ellinor Brännström’s incredible recycled sportswear collection with custom hand painted shoes.

8. N&S Gaia’s tartan bra, a little reminder of back home.

9. Working on a Vogue Italia photo shoot. What an incredible experience watching Guisy De Ceglia work, Scarlett felt very honoured.


10. The people

They made the experience for Scarlett.

“I’ve met so many life long friends who are all wonderful in their own way. What a team they are!” 


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